General: sandwich position

A type of sex position involving three participants: both penetrating partners are on the ends, both facing the middle partner. The one being penetrated is always between them in the middle, being penetrated by both (front and back partner). Penetration is always vaginal, anal or both at once, NOT oral. It can be performed standing or laying down. Gender does not matter. It resembles a sandwich, with both penetrating partners being like the bread, both penetrating the center or middle partner who's squished between them.

Compare and contrast:

  • Do not confuse with the somewhat similar train position. In the train position, all the partners line up facing the same direction, front to back, and penetrate whoever is in front of them much like the linked boxcars on a train. The last one being penetrated can face either direction.

  • Also avoid confusion with spitroast, where the middle partner's position has their mouth facing one partner and hindquarters facing the other partner. This is because a spitroast is always oral + anal/vaginal.

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