Species: rodent

A large order of mammals that have a tendency to gnaw on things.

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clothed clothing eyewear female glasses looking_at_viewer mammal meganemausu rodent squirrel

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User: Autumn-Ferret
Date: November 24, 2017 ↑2 ♥7 C0 S aleph animal_crossing avian bear bird bones_(animal_crossing) canine clothing crossover demi-fiend dog eagle equine fangs greta_(animal_crossing) grizzly_(animal_crossing) group horse human humanoid japanese_text keaton_(animal_crossing) lagomorph mammal megami_tensei mouse ninja nintendo number protagonist_(smt_1) rabbit rodent savannah_(animal_crossing) shirt sjsj_10 snake_(animal_crossing) stripes style_parody text video_games yatagarasu zebra

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Date: November 24, 2017 ↕0 ♥0 C0 S U 2017 3_toes acorn black_nose brown_fur buckteeth chest_tuft chip_'n_dale_rescue_rangers chip_(cdrr) chipmunk dale_(cdrr) digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) disney fur hat head_tuft hi_res looking_aside looking_at_another mammal mittens mostly_nude nut open_mouth open_smile red_nose rodent saki_(pixiv_1507375) scarf semi-anthro signature sitting smile snow snowing snowman tan_fur teeth toes tuft

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Date: November 24, 2017 ↕0 ♥0 C0 S animated anthro black_and_white blush_sticker bow buckteeth child clothing cute dress eyelashes eyes_closed mammal monochrome mouse mousey_(ttda) open_mouth open_smile pom_poms rodent sheetstane smile teeth try_to_date_animals young

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Score: 8
Date: November 24, 2017 ↑8 ♥7 C1 S