Character: rika nonaka

Rika Nonaka (牧野 留姫ルキ Makino Ruki?) is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Digimon Tamers. She is the Tamer of Renamon and is known as the ruthless Digimon Queen.

Rika's personality has evolved throughout the series. Initially, she was a merciless tamer seeking only to make her partner Digimon as strong as possible, and had a rough relationship with her mother. She would criticize and blame Renamon for their losses, and treat every other Digimon as her enemy, including Guilmon and Terriermon. Though she often covered up her true feelings with a tough girl act, she showed how she really cared about Renamon at the first few instances of Renamon's Digivolutions. During a fateful fight against Harpymon, Rika showed that she was willing to risk her own life to protect Renamon. After this fight, Rika began opening up to Takato and Henry as well. She still continues to throw her sarcastic remarks here and there and displays her annoyance to Kenta and Kazu's foolery. But she also cares about Jeri, motivating and comforting her at times of need. Of all the characters in the season, Rika has arguably shown the greatest change in personality.

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