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Renamon is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise. She is a main character in Digimon Tamers and related media, as the Digimon Partner of Rika Nonaka. According to Chiaki J. Konaka's notes, her name was originally going to be Lunamon. Renamon and her digivolution forms are inspired from the Kitsune and other fox spirits of Asian myth. The name "Renamon" is derived from "Renard", the French word for Fox. Although her mega form, Sakuyamon, is clearly a female, the German dub of Digimon Tamers portrays Renamon, Kyuubimon, and Taomon as male.

Renamon is powerful for a Rookie Digimon, as well as very swift and agile. She has fur sticking out from her shoulders and has a furry chest. Her only form of clothing are the purple sleeves she wears, which has a yin-yang symbol on each, and has three fingers and claws on each hand. Swirling symbols can also be seen on her knees, which are yellow, like most of her body. She also has long, white, three-toed legs and a long, white-tipped tail. She is far more mature than the other Rookie Digimon, considering her experience and her jaded view on life. Renamon's feral features and penetrating icy blue eyes can make her seem quite intimidating, even when she does not mean to give that impression.

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