Species: red wolf

The Red Wolf (Canis rufus) is a North American canid and once roamed throughout the Southeastern United States. Its natural range extends from Texas to Florida. Scientists suggest that Red Wolf populations were extirpated from the wild and are now highly endangered.

The red wolf has a brownish or cinnamon pelt, with grey and black shading on the back and tail. Its muzzle is white furred around the lips. Black specimens are recorded, but these are probably extinct. It molts once annually every winter. It has large ears which help dissipate heat in the hot and humid climate of the south-eastern United States.

The red wolf is generally intermediate in size between the Coyote and the Grey Wolf. Like the Grey Wolf, it has almond-shaped eyes, a broad muzzle and a wide nosepad, though like the coyote, its ears are proportionately larger. The red wolf has a deeper profile, and broader head than the coyote, and has a less prominent ruff than the Gray Wolf.

When tagging, please keep in mind that a standard Grey Wolf with red fur does not count as a Red Wolf, as the two are different species altogether. Read the above description to know the difference.

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