General: presenting

Poses where a character blatantly shows off their exposed sexual anatomy, usually to entice someone to make use of it. Often, the character is on all fours or spreading in some fashion.

Minimum of Questionable, although anything blatant enough for this tag tends to be Explicit.

For more subtle come-ons, tags such as inviting, seductive, or teasing should be used instead.

Do not tag if the character is not actively presenting. Bound, stuck, or otherwise restrained characters should be tagged as exposed instead of presenting.

Orifices that are already in use do not count as presenting. Those fall under various combinations of penetration, sex, masturbation, and other related tags.

All posts tagged as presenting should also include at least one of the following subtags.


Related tags:

Not to be confused with:

The following tags are aliased to this tag: showing_off, displaying

The following tags are implicated to this tag: presenting_cloaca, presenting_anus, presenting_breasts, presenting_penis, presenting_pussy, presenting_hindquarters

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