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anthro apocalypse armor bandanna bracers cigarette eyewear fighterjet goggles linkev_christenen male mammal mustelid otter outside post post-apocalyptic reinforced_cricket_bat rubble ruined_city ruins sky smoke smoking solo standing sunset weapon

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Date: September 10, 2012 2015 anthro apocalypse backpack bandage black_claws black_lips black_nose brown_eyes brown_fur building canine city claws clothed clothing cloud cover day duo ears_back eurofurence_21 fluffy fluffy_tail fox fur grass humanoid_hands inner_ear_fluff kenket long_mouth machete male mammal marten melee_weapon mustelid no_sclera orange_fur outside pants pine_marten plant plant_overgrowth post-apocalyptic red_fox ruins shirt shrub sign sky snout the_last_of_us vines weapon whiskers white_fur yellow_eyes

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User: TheGreatWolfgang
Date: August 19, 2015 ambiguous_gender apocalypse battle_beast city cityscape claudio_bergamin cloud concept_art desolate glowing glowing_eyes group invasion looking_at_viewer machine metal metallic_body nightmare_fuel outside post-apocalyptic ranged_weapon red_eyes robot rubble sky steel sun weapon

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Score: 4
User: PhilosophicalMind
Date: July 16, 2015

An apocalypse meaning that everything in the city is decrepit, rebel resistance, the skies being grim and murky, (depending on what season or weather) and a high chance of zombie invasions.

In short, the End of the World has come and gone.

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