General: petting

When a character is stroking another character on the head. Sometimes combined with a pet_praise. Compare with the similar head_pat or head_rub.


5_fingers alucard_(castlevania) black_nose brown_eyes brown_fur canine cape castlevania chest_tuft clothed clothing countershading cub cute dog duo eyebrows feral fully_clothed fur hair half-closed_eyes human konami long_hair looking_down looking_up male mammal moon multicolored_fur night outside petting satoakiamatatsu tongue tongue_out tuft two_tone_fur vampire video_games white_eyes white_fur white_hair young

Rating: Safe
Score: 15
User: VillainousVulpix
Date: July 08, 2013 2015 <3 ambiguous_gender anthro black_fur blue_fur blush canine cute disembodied_hand duo eyes_closed fur gloves_(marking) human lucario mammal markings multicolored_fur nintendo petting pokémon pokémon_(species) rusk07 signature simple_background spikes video_games white_background yellow_fur

Rating: Safe
Score: 62
User: DeltaFlame
Date: February 25, 2015 ANIMaaros_(character) ambiguous_gender animated black_scales claws cute disembodied_hand dragon duo eyes_closed feathered_wings feathers feral firebirddragon human loop low_res mammal membranous_wings multicolored_scales petting red_scales scales scalie sharp_claws simple_background size_difference smile solo_focus toe_claws two_tone_scales white_background wings

Rating: Safe
Score: 59
Date: November 03, 2015

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