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The Penis(also known as cock, dick, dong and other terms) is the most visible part of the male genitalia. It has the purpose of transferring sexual fluids. It is the male homologue of the female clitoris.

  • In all cases penis should be tagged explicit.
  • If the penis is not visible but its outline is discernible through clothes, use penis outline instead and if the outline is not visible and there is merely a bulge, tag bulge instead.
  • Tag may apply to males, as well as herms and dickgirls wherever clearly visible.
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The following tags are aliased to this tag: cock, dick, member, male_genetalia, dicks, shaft, phallus, dong, penes, penii (6 more)

The following tags are implicated to this tag: uncut, penis_tongue, penis_lick, metal_penis, poking_out, tail_penis, circumcised, penis_base, animal_penis, penis_bondage (57 more)

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