Artist: nezumi

A Female Japanese artist who has made many contributions to both the furry and anime communities since 2006. Known for drawing high quality, highly detailed subjects ranging from humans to beasts and mecha. Nezumi has a divisive audience split from those who greatly enjoy their work and those that would rather not be reminded of her. Their works have influenced such artists as Strikeanywhere, Purple Keckleon, PizzaCat, Roly, Teddy_Jack, and Sunibee inciting purveyors to coin the term "Nezumi Style" and "Nezumi Study".

The artist uses variety of names, usually nezumi is the most prevalent in either in actual names URLs or similar.

ネズミ = Nezumi (source:
ネズミン = Nezumin (source:
ネズミュン = Nezumyun (source:
ケツメド = Ketsumedo (source:
うますぎゆ = Umasugiyu (source:
ねずみそ = Nezumiso/Nezunezu (Source:

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