Character: nereida

Wyntersun's voluptuous and chubby beautiful blue dragon girl with huge breasts.

Nereida's Lore

Age: 25
Species: Ice-Dragon
Height: 5'8"
Shy, Polite, Cuddly, Naive, Absent-Minded, Studious

Strenght: 4
Endurance: 8
Agility: 2
Intelligence: 17
Charisma: 10
Willpower: 14
Wisdom: 18
Perception: 10

Natural Abilities:
Ice Magic
Temperature Regulation

Natural Resistance:
Ice, Poison

Natural Weaknesses:
Fire, Physical.

Nereida hails from a island in the far north sea, home only to her species, as it would be deemed inhospitable by most other races. Despite making their home within the mountains themselves, her kind is fairly advanced, operating a busy shipping lane to the mainland. She has very little in a way of combat prowess, besides some basic ice magic. Her role is that of a diplomat, often making trips to distant lands to represent her kind, discuss trade options or event negotiate alternatives to conflict.

While naturally shy, she is quite intelligent, and fathoming solutions to problems makes up for her quietness. Require glasses for reading only. Favourite foods are stews, soups and most any seafood, she has a very low spice tolerance. While not working, she reads a lot, tending to collect literature from all the different nations she visits and learning their histories. Almost totally oblivious to the advances of potential partners, as she does not particularly see herself as attractive, and considers herself 'boring' to most.

Most of her kind have a 'little extra padding' but she is exceptionally endowed even amongst them. Can regulate her own body heat to stay comfortable in freezing conditions, or even help those lost in the tundra stay alive by sharing body heat. She struggles to stay cool in hotter climates though, making these much more dangerous to her.

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