Character: marshall (paw patrol)

Marshall is a Dalmatian puppy and is one of the main protagonists in the TV series PAW Patrol. He is the 3rd member of the PAW Patrol and is the team's fire pup, as well as the medic pup (as of "Pups Save Jake"). His primary purpose is to check for fires and extinguish them if necessary, and to use his ladder to rescue animals from high places. His secondary purpose, as a medic, is to use his X-Ray screen to check people for any broken bones or injuries, and to attend to them if needed (even though he tends to go overboard with bandages).

Marshall is a dalmatian pup who is seen to be silly and clumsy. Despite all of his silliness, he helps Ryder countless times during missions. His main color is red, given that it’s the color of his uniform (which normally features a fire helmet on duty), and pup pack.

Nick Jr. Description:
"From the firehouse to his fire truck, Marshall is a Dalmatian who is all action, easily excited, and the clumsy one of the group. The pups will always hear Marshall say; 'I'm okay!'"

In the PAW Patrol, Marshall is the joker/clown of the group and tends to behave silly and clumsy. He is very accident prone and usually crashes into things such as the pups at the Lookout elevator, which gives him the nickname "Bad Luck Marshall" from fans. He is very excitable, a bit air-headed, and not particularly well co-ordinated. When he is excited, he usually howls.

Despite his clumsiness, Marshall is a loyal and brave member of the PAW Patrol and has helped Ryder and the other pups in several missions. Marshall is also very friendly, especially to birds (e.g. Fuzzy).

Marshall has spotted white fur covering his body and bright blue eyes. During missions, Marshall typically wears a firefighter helmet and a red vest. He also wears a red backpack, which features a water cannon (acting as a fire hose). When his medical skills are put to practice, Marshall wears a red cap with a yellow trim (replacing his firefighter helmet), and his pup pack contains medical supplies such as bandages and a thermometer (in place of the water cannon). This is his EMT uniform.

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