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2015 anthro arm_support barefoot book brown_eyes brown_fur candle canine casual_nudity citrinelle claws dipstick_tail fire fox fur gloves_(marking) holding_arm leaning_on_elbow looking_down lying male mammal markings multicolored_tail niko_(kitroxas) nude on_front orange_fur reading smile socks_(marking) solo tasteful_nudity tattoo

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Date: April 25, 2016 2011 4_toes black_nose brown_eyes canine collar day detailed detailed_background digitigrade dog dug_(up) feral fur grass ipan looking_at_viewer lying male mammal nature nude on_back open_mouth open_smile outside smile solo tan_fur teeth toes tongue tongue_out toony tree up_(film)

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Score: 6
User: TonyLemur
Date: June 18, 2011 4_toes 5_fingers anthro barefoot bird's-eye_view black_fur black_hair brown_fur canine claws clothed clothing detailed_background digitigrade dipstick_tail dog duo eyes_closed feral fully_clothed fur hair high-angle_view hoodie inside lying male mammal multicolored_tail nude on_side pants pillow short_hair theowlette toes white_fur

Rating: Safe
Score: 18
User: ippiki_ookami
Date: April 13, 2011

When a character is more or less horizontal and supported along its length by the surface underneath.

A character can lie on their front, on their back or on their side. Tag the tag that's best fitting the situation.

Not to be confused with the act of telling a lie.

See also:

The following tags are aliased to this tag: laying_down, lying_down, lay, laying

The following tags are implicated to this tag: on_back, on_side, on_front

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