Character: kenny (kenashcorp)

Kenny is Ken Ashcorp's fursona / OC / exercise in blatant furry pandering & blatant furry branding which he uses for a good deal of his music releases and for reblogging on Tumblr and possibly jacking off to her, but we don't know that so mum's the word.

For a short period of time there was ambiguity about Kenny's gender, which led to a bunch of artists drawing her as a cute boy with a cut dick - I mean circumcised. But also cute. Sadly Ken destroyed the dreams of gay Kenny fans (and enhanced the dreams of straight Kenny fans) by revealing her as a lady once and for all. So, artists... let's talk about those dicks.

Don't imagine her bending over for you though; she's all lesbian. That previous statement was me telling the fellas to seek panda refuge somewhere else. The ladies are fine.

The following tags are aliased to this tag: petitpanda

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