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This page attempts to list different websites that most likely host content relevant to e621, along with each site's advantages, restrictions and other features.
Feel free to correct incorrect and/or outdated information and add in other sites that are commonly used as sources here.

Unfavorable sources:

  • Twitter
    • Images are usually JPGs and always recompressed.
    • GIF files are always converted to compressed MP4s.
    • Only if the content is in a much larger resolution than other sources is it preferred.
  • Fur Affinity
    • If the image's resolution is 1280px in either dimension and contains JPEG compression regardless of stated file type, it is most likely downscaled by FA.
    • If the image is smaller (site doesn't handle image) or larger (submitter used site's flaw to bypass handling), then it is most likely the original/best version available.
  • Gfycat
  • Third party boorus, chans, image galleries, etc.
    • There are plenty of reasons to avoid these sites for getting content, a few being: content may have been compressed from the artist's original submission, leaked paysite content (which is DNP on e621 if it's under two years old) or content could be edited without disclosure.
    • Some of these sites do have official sources available, in which case it's advised to take the content from that instead.
    • Exceptions are sites where the artist is known to post content or sites mirroring content from drawing threads.

Favorable sources:

  • Furry Network, HicceArs, Inkbunny, Patreon, SoFurry, Tumblr, Weasyl
    • These sites will keep the original upload or an optimized version of the original, which is always the most preferred version to have on e621.
  • Pixiv
    • Also stores original file, however artists are required to censor sexual body parts from their artwork, which may result in an uncensored version being posted elsewhere.
    • Not preferred for animations.

Formats, file types, and restrictions

This is the table for what kind of support and restrictions for content that sites have in place. Click on a site's name to get into that site's section for further information and instructions.

Site Images Flash Video Other content
e621 JPG, PNG, GIF. 15000×15000 resolution. 100 MB. 100 HTML5. WebM. 100 No
Eka's Portal ? ? ? ?
Derpibooru Yes ? ? ?
DeviantArt Unknown file types. 30 MB. 200 MB.c Custom HTML5. Unknown codecs. 200 MB.g Music, text, file archives.
Fur Affinity JPG, GIF, PNG. 10 MB. See below for resolution. 10 MB.c No. Text.
Furry Network JPG, PNG. 32 MB. 200 HTML5. WebM, MP4, external Audio, text.
Gfycat Animated gifs only. No Custom HTML5. WebM, MP4. 15 seconds. No audio. No
Google Photos ? No. ? ?
HicceArs JPG, PNG, GIF. 15 MB. No. No. Novels.
Imgur JPEG, PNG, GIF, APNG, TIFF, PDF, and XCF. 20 MB/image, 200 MB/gif. No HTML5. Only GIF conversions. No
Inkbunny PNG, JPEG, GIF. 36 MP resolution. 36 MB. 36 MB.ce JW Player. FLV, MP4. 36 Text, MP3 audio.
Patreon JPG, PNG, GIF. As attachment. Attachment or external embed. Any attachments.
Pixiv JPEG, GIF, PNG. 8 MB/image, 30 MB/set. No. Ugoira, info below. 1080px height. No.
SoFurry PNG, JPG, GIF. PSD and TGA for prints. No Music, text.
Tumblr JPG, PNG. 10 MB. No. Custom HTML5. MP4. 100 MB/day. 30 FPS. Blog posts.
Twitter GIF, JPEG, and PNG. 5 MB. No. Custom HTML5. MP4. 512 MB, 30 seconds. What fits into 140 characters.
Weasyl JPG, PNG and GIF. 10 MB. 15 MB.c No. MP3, gdoc/media embed, text, character profile.
YouTube Thumbnails. No. Custom HTML5. WebM, MP4, 3GP, etc. 128 GB.e No.
▼ Legend:

a: No thumbnails for content.
b: Automatically generated thumbnails.
c: User submitted thumbnails, either mandatory or optional to replace stock thumbnail.
d: Content is not scaled at all. With flash no scaling artifacting when viewing. Content can get over page borders.
e: Content is only dynamically scaled when it is larger than viewing area.
f: Content is always dynamically fit to specific area. Scaling artifacts and bugs with flash.
g: Content never loops. If this legend is not specified, content either always loops or can be set to loop by submitter.

Eka's Portal

  • Either click image to get full-sized version or simply press "download" underneath image.
▼ URL format

Artist page:<artist>
Submission page:<submission ID>
Direct image:<submission ID>-<???>.<filetype>/<artist>-<submission ID>-<title>.<filetype>


  • Usually third party sites like chans and boorus are discouraged, however many artists post their My Little Pony-related artwork directly to this site.
  • Files are modified, resulting in an MD5 mismatch with the original content if it's also available elsewhere.
  • Click Download to get the best version.


  • To get the best version of an image, click Download on the right side of the page.
    • Artists can disable the ability to allow downloads of the original file or watermark the file automatically. In this case, click on the image to get the largest available preview of it.
  • Core users have less restrictions.
▼ URL format

Artist page: http://<artist>
Submission page: http://<artist><title>-<base-36 converted to base-10>[source]
Direct image: http://<pre/img/orig and two numbers><four digits>/<one digit>/<year>/<three digits>/<one digit>/<one digit>/<title>_by_<artist>-d<base-36>.<filetype>

Reverse searching: insert information from filename into the following URL http://<artist><base-36>

Fur Affinity

  • Higher resolution content is always automatically downscaled to fit 1280px dimensions and converted to a compressed JPG at first upload, even if the original file and download states PNG. Submitter has to upload their submission again for it to show up how it was originally.
    • If the image matches the above description, avoid using as a source unless it is the only place available.
  • Expanded image on submission page, full view submission page and download button all serve the same image.
▼ URL format

Artist page:<artist>/
Submission page:<submission ID>/
Direct image:<artist>/<UNIX timestamp>/<UNIX timestamp>.<artist>_<title>.<file extension>

  • NOTICE! Direct image URL does not contain the original page ID, so always remember to add this to the sources field when using direct upload!
  • <file extension> might be different from the actual file type.

Furry Network

  • All audio, video, flash, etc. is bundled under "multimedia".
  • Press Download to get the highest quality version. Image on the page is always a compressed JPG and larger resolutions are also downscaled.
▼ URL format

https://*<artists two first letters>/<artist>/submission/<year>/<month>/<md5???>.<file extension> (unknown where MD5 comes or if it even is MD5)


  • Site allows uploading in multiple different formats. Content uploaded to e621 is preferred to be closest to the format it was originally uploaded in, with video content being a WebM file and GIF content a GIF file.
    • Content uploaded as a video usually sees much larger downscale in largest available GIF file quality (much lower resolution and almost slideshow framerate), where if content was uploaded as GIF, largest gif can looks as good or better then webm file.
▼ URL format

Submission page:<ID (AdjectiveAdjectiveAnimal)>
Direct image: https://<size><ID>(<-quality>).<filetype>

Google Photos

  • This essentially includes all content that is from a single Google user, which can include Google+ and forms (e.g.
  • At the end of the URL, you may see either =sXXX, =wXXX or =hXXX. Manually replacing the XXX with 0 should give you the original image without sampling or scaling.


  • Click download to get the best version with the original filename. Simply saving the image should also give the same file, but with a generated name.


  • TIFFs, PDFs and XCFs are converted to PNGs.
  • PNGs over 756 KB are converted to JPGs.
  • GIFs over 2 MB are turned into GIFVs.[source] From GIFV, the GIF file is preferred on e621, even if a WebM file is also generated.


  • Has a dedicated wiki at:
  • Does optimization and strips metadata from images, which means the MD5 checksum will not match the original submission, but the content itself should be identical.[source]
  • Inkbunny stores a couple preview versions of images. To get the best version, either:
    • Press Download (new tab) under image.
    • Open preview image and change /screen/ to /full/ in the URL. With /preview/, you may also need to change the file type from .jpg to .png.
    • Select wide option from set default image size: below the image and save the image on the page.
▼ URL format

Artist page:<artist>
Submission page:<submission ID>
Direct image:<image size>/<file ID without last four digits>/<file ID>_<artist>_<title>.<filetype>

  • NOTICE! Direct image URL does not contain the original page ID, so always remember to add this to the sources field when using direct upload!


  • Patreon has changed their page layout and method of serving images on submissions many times, couple times in a way that they were serving upscaled content and writing step by step might get outdated by the time it's being written. Try to seek out highest resolution/quality from the submission page and keep an eye out if content does look upscaled.
  • Hyperlinks found under the image are always preferred as these should be files to be downloaded.
  • With images embedded on submission, make sure you are zoomed in if cursors changes to "zoom in" when hovering over the image. After this or if there was no zoom in, save the image.


  • Site has mandatory rule on censoring sexual body parts. Many Japanese artists opt to post uncensored versions elsewhere, while some users simply ignore the rule.
  • To get the best version of an image:
    • With single images, click the image to open a viewer.
    • With sets, clicking images opens "manga mode". There are two different layouts for manga mode: one for normal images (which uses vertical scrolling) and one for comics (which separates pages into two images at a time in a right-to-left format), though older comics use the former as the latter is a more recent addition. To get the best version:
      • For normal images, click the expand icon on the top left corner of the image, NOT the icon on the top right! This opens the full image in a new tab viewer.
      • For comics, click the expand icon located to the left of the page navigators on the bottom of the page. This loads the full image on the page and will automatically load the remaining images in the same format as well.
    • Full image URLs should contain /img-original/, all previews have /img-master/ instead. For older uploads, see here for examples.
  • Ugoiras are Pixiv's way of serving animations. They are stored as individual JPG files and shown on an HTML5 canvas with set delays. Because of this, content cannot be directly downloaded and needs to be converted into either a GIF or WebM.
    • To get JPG files, use the following JavaScript command: javascript:window.location=pixiv.context.ugokuIllustFullscreenData.src; and delays can be found in the submission page's source. Alternately, use a dedicated tool designed for ugoiras.
▼ URL format

Artist page:<artist ID>
Submission page:<submission ID>
Direct image:<year>/<month>/<day>/<hour>/<minute>/<second>/<submission ID>_p0.<filetype>

img-master URLs contain preview images.


  • No resolution or file size limits are stated anywhere.
  • To get the best version, press Download.


WARNING! Contrary to popular belief, _1280.png/_1280.jpg does NOT give you the highest quality version of posts made after December 2012!
  • Replacing _XXX.png in the URL with _raw.png manually gives you the best version.
    • If you get an "Access denied" or a "404" page, you also have to remove the two numbers and dot at the beginning of the URL (between http:// and media) to see the full size image.
    • _raw.png/_raw.jpg always stores the highest quality version available, even if the image itself is a lower resolution. With lower resolutions the file should still be identical to raw, but not always. To help with users uploading better quality versions and to make sure you are uploading the best version, always ensure that the image's URL/filename ends with this.
    • Old _inline images are slightly different, however. Posts made before March 2015 lack any form of _XXX in their URLs and were limited to a maximum width of 500px.
  • Blogs marked as explicit do not get indexed by Google or other search engines. As a result you cannot reverse Google search any images that come from blogs marked as explicit.
  • Tumblr introduced a "Safe Mode" feature in mid-2017, so you must DISABLE it if you want to view explicit blogs![source] Also, blogs and posts may be automatically marked explicit by Tumblr. You must have an account and be over 18 to disable Safe Mode. If you don't have an account, you won't be able to view the blog, and if your account has your age as under 18 then the option to disable Safe Mode will not be shown at all.
  • Tumblr does not allow uploading sexually explicit videos![source] Many artists choose to use the site to host their animated works in higher quality. Some artists have had their whole blog nuked for this kind of content. Many Tumblr users stick to using gifs and external services instead for explicit videos, so saving them is a good idea!
    • There are no direct links or ways to download videos from Tumblr. You can fetch the file's URL via your preferred way (e.g. browser's network tab). Manually remove _480 or _720 if present in the video's URL.
    • Alternately, use dedicated downloading tools. Make sure the URL/filename does not contain _480 nor _720 at the end!
  • As Tumblr allows users to completely customize the layout of their page, sometimes things are either in completely different places or hidden altogether. To make browsing and finding individual posts easier, use archive mode. If not linked on the page, manually go to http://<artist>
▼ URL format

Artist page: http://<artist>
Submission page: http://<artist><string>/<start of the text in post>
Direct image: http://<two numbers><Raw MD5>/tumblr_<???>_<resolution>.<filetype>

  • NOTICE! Direct image URL does not contain the original page ID, so always remember to add this to the sources field when using direct upload!
  • <Raw MD5> does not directly match with GIF files.


  • Twitter can host PNG files, but a majority of the content is JPG and images are always severely compressed from the original upload. Avoid unless it's the only source or in a much higher resolution than other sources.
  • To get the largest available version, add :orig at the end of an image's URL.
    • Twitter does save PNG versions of images as well, usually without any extension or :large, however these are almost always much lower resolution and/or converted from a JPG version and thus usually not wanted.
  • No direct way to download video content. Either fetch URL in some way or use dedicated tools.
    • GIFs are always converted to really compressed MP4 files that loop. Turning these back into GIF files will result in an insane amount of bloating and with WebM the quality stays sub par.
    • Videos are converted to compressed MP4 files without looping.
  • If you're only searching for media files uploaded by an artist, click media.
▼ URL format

Artist page:<artist>
Submission page:<artist>/status/<status ID>
Direct image:<media ID>.<filetype>:orig

  • NOTICE! Direct image URL does not contain the original page ID, so always remember to add this to the sources field when using direct upload!
  • Keep the <filetype> always the same as what can be gotten from submission page!


  • Flash content sometimes has cover art that the user must click on in order to enable the Flash file.


  • YouTube does not allow any explicit content outside of educational usage! Even unlisted/private videos are in danger of getting removed either by automatic algorithms or user flags.
  • YouTube automatically converts videos into several formats for compatibility. By default, YouTube uses WebM VP9 for content where it's available and browsers that support it. For e621, the preferred version to have is the highest available resolution of the VP9 video with Opus audio. The most advanced tool, which many other programs also include, is youtube-dl.
  • Because of the nature of the service, a dedicated download tool is required to get videos.
    • Avoid using online tools and browser add-ons. Many of these do not allow selecting streams and default to MP4, which is not supported by e621 and converting the file causes quality loss. Some of these also convert YouTube's file into another format by default, causing the same issue.
  • With thumbnails, the best image is stored at:<videoID>/maxresdefault.jpg.

Other sites and ripping multimedia content

Essentially any website can still host content that is relevant to e621. Sometimes creators post their content directly elsewhere and sometimes content is unavailable elsewhere, e.g. if original source is on dead site. Even if the site is not on the list, there are still several ways you can ensure you are getting best variation.

  • Seek out for link that says Download or filename.filetype.
  • Try to search for link or button which says full, zoom, size, original, scale or something similar, which will toggle the image on page from preview to full size.
  • If nothing like this is nowhere to be found, simply right click and save the content embedded on the site.

With multimedia content, especially flash, things can get bit more difficult.

  • See if the content itself has download button in some format.
  • Try right clicking to see if context menu gives option to download.
  • Either open web pages source code (Usually hotkey CTRL+U) and search for the filetype you are looking for e.g. .webm or open up browsers network activity (Usually hotkey F12) and look out for content type media.
  • If these do not work, try searching for tools made specifically for the site you are trying to get content from or general download managers.
See also
  • forum #169987 - Saving images properly, a public service announcement. (Aug. 2015)
  • forum #235250 - Obtaining the highest-resolution images from Tumblr (June 2017)

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