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  • Please note that these definitions are not all-inclusive, and are meant for a basic idea only.
Some basic tips
  • Do: Show lighthearted appreciation of your favourite characters.
  • Don't: Be creepy (Seen as explicit roleplaying on posts, explicit comments about characters in posts, going into too much detail about what you want to do with a character (I wish I was X, I wish X would do that to me, etc.)).
    • Believe it or not, artists in general (there are exceptions) don't particularly enjoy reading comments about what you would like to do to their character. Keeping your explicit fantasies to yourself is a great way to help ensure that artists feel more comfortable about hosting their artwork on e621. (This means more things to favourite for you)
  • Do: Engage in friendly discussion with other furry enthusiasts.
  • Don't: Cause drama, insult/troll users, be annoying just for the sake of being annoying.
    • Attacking artists by excessively insulting their submissions, arguing with them about an aspect of their character, artwork, sending them malicious/harassing PMs etc. is a very good way to ensure they think twice before uploading another posts. Be nice to artists: Without them there would be nothing to look at.
  • Do: Discuss whether or not the tags on a post are relevant, and agree with the established guidelines for usage.
  • Don't: Create tags in the comment section, without at least mentioning it in the forums. Having a set of tags that everyone agrees upon, especially concerning how and how not it's used, makes all the difference.
  • Do: Leave (relative) insightful comments about a post; such as background information, additional sources/versions etc.
  • Don't: 'Spam' the comment section with multiple replies on the same post in a row. In most cases, a single comment with multiple paragraphs/points is much more welcome and appreciated than half a dozen separate replies about various unrelated ideas.
    • This includes pasting/typing the same word(s) multiple times in a row.
    • As well as posting ASCII art.
  • Do: Show fellow users who may not be familiar with e621 the way things are usually done on the site, or point them to a source that can.
  • Don't: Back-seat moderate (Acting like a moderator when you aren't, barking orders at moderators and other users as to what to do and how to behave).
In addition
  • Don't post links to illegal/malicious material. These include torrents and siterips.
  • Don't post links to paysite content that's being unlawfully redistributed. Furthermore, do not openly brag about saving DNP/commercial content or encourage others to do so. This reflects poorly on the site and community.
  • Don't whine about pictures that you can avoid by using your blacklist. These include things like cub, male/male, gore, scat, watersports (urine-play), diaper furs, castration, my little pony, nightmare fuel, etc. (For a more comprehensive & detailed listing, see e621:blacklisting suggestions).

And most importantly, try to keep your comments civil and relevant to the post at hand!

This way, everyone can enjoy looking at a post without having to worry about having to wade through unrelated, 'creepy', inflammatory and/or disruptive comments below.


You can use DText functions in the comments. Some basic functions:

  • Link to posts by using post #[insert post id here] (post #1234).
  • Post image thumbnails in your comment by typing thumb #[insert post id here].
  • Link to external urls using the format: "Some text here": (Some text here)

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