Species: hexabump

The infant stage of the hexclops species, created by pasteldaemon (NSFW blog). This is the first form that a hexclops takes after being hatched from their egg.

They are basically pointless balls of adorableness at this stage, consuming and storing mana they consume from their environment around them or from food-stuffs* that's mana-rich until they develop far enough to form a cocoon around themselves, in which they'll stay until eventually hatching from that into the toddler stage, where they take on their hexclops form. From there, they continue to develop until reaching their adult stage not too unlike a human would, retaining their hexclops form for the rest of their life.

*What forms of food hexabumps can eat is not known as of this edit. they gain no nutritional value if there is no mana present in the food, however.

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