Artist: grisser

Artist who does gay bara art, both with humans and anthros. Well known for doing the main illustrations for the PC dating sim, Meatlog Mountain

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Official website for 'Meatlog Mountain' (Grisser works as the main illustrator for the series):

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2013 3_fingers 5_fingers anthro armor backless_gloves biceps big_biceps big_muscles biker biped black_boots black_clothing black_footwear black_fur black_gloves black_nose black_shoes black_topwear blue_bottomwear blue_clothing blue_hair blue_pants blurred_background boar body_hair boots brown_eyes brown_fur canine chain chest_hair clothed clothing depth_of_field detailed_background digital_media_(artwork) dog duo elbow_tufts english_text facial_piercing fingerless_gloves floppy_ears footwear fur gloves grey_bottomwear grey_clothing grey_fur grey_pants grey_tail grey_topwear grisser hair hand_on_shoulder helmet holding_object jeans jewelry looking_at_viewer male mammal motorcycle motorcycle_helmet multicolored_fur musclegut muscular muscular_male navel necklace neon_sign night nose_piercing nose_ring open_mouth open_vest outside pants pecs piercing pink_nose plantigrade porcine red_tongue rottweiler septum_piercing shoes short_hair sign signature standing tail_tuft teeth text tongue tongue_out tuft tusker two_tone_fur vehicle vest zakrottweiler

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Date: September 19, 2017 ↑5 ♥10 C0 S 2010 5_fingers abs anthro black_fur black_stripes black_tail clothed clothing detailed_background digital_media_(artwork) drum feline front_view full_moon fundoshi fur grisser hi_res holding_object humanoid_hands japanese_clothing low-angle_view male mammal moon multicolored_fur multicolored_tail muscular muscular_male musical_instrument night nipples orange_fur orange_tail outside pecs pink_nipples red_bottomwear red_clothing red_underwear ringed_tail signature sky solo striped_fur stripes tiger topless two_tone_tail underwear white_fur wristband

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Date: September 18, 2017 ↑4 ♥6 C0 S