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16:9 2016 anthro award badge beverage canine car clothing coffee coffee_mug comic detailed_background disney disposable_cup duo eric_schwartz eyewear female fist_bump food fox glasses hi_res holding_cup inside_car judy_hopps lagomorph long_ears male mammal necktie nick_wilde pink_nose police police_uniform rabbit red_fox size_difference sunglasses trophy uniform vehicle wallpaper zootopia

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Score: 90
User: Wadxxx
Date: May 07, 2016 4:3 applejack_(mlp) blonde_hair blue_feathers blue_fur duo earth_pony equine feathered_wings feathers female feral fist_bump friendship_is_magic fur green_eyes hair hat horse hoyeechun mammal multicolored_hair my_little_pony pegasus pony purple_eyes rainbow_dash_(mlp) rainbow_hair wings

Rating: Safe
Score: 4
User: slyroon
Date: July 24, 2013


A fist bump (also known as a brofist) is an interpersonal gesture performed by two people bumping their fists (or equivalent) together.

The following tags are aliased to this tag: fistbump, brohoof, hoof_bump, brofist

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