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Finnick is a male fennec fox and a minor character in the Disney movie Zootopia.

He is Nick Wilde's accomplice and a fellow con-artist. He is first seen pretending to be Nick's son (due to his small size) in a scam concocted by Nick. After receiving his share of the money and preprares to drive off in his van, he reveals his deep, booming gangster voice to the audience where he threatens to bite Nick's face off should he (Nick) kiss him tomorrow.

After officer Judy Hopps blackmails Nick into helping her with her investigation, Finnick laughs and mocks Nick for being outsmarted by her.

Later in the film, he is last seen giving Judy directions to Nick's location after Judy and Nick's friendship was (temporarily) broken.


  • He is voiced by African-American actor Tommy Lister.
  • The irony of casting Tommy Lister as the small Finnick was stated by the directors to be intentional.
  • Due to the character's popularity, the directors have confirmed that should a sequel be made, Finnick would be given a larger role.

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