General: feralized

Non-feral characters (or species) depicted as feral animals.

avian bear bib bird bonnie_(fnaf) bow_tie brown_fur canine chica_(fnaf) claws duck eye_patch eyewear female feral feralized five_nights_at_freddy's fox foxy_(fnaf) freddy_(fnaf) fur group hat hook hook_hand lagomorph male mammal pirate rabbit simple_background slightly_chubby toe_claws top_hat unknown_artist video_games white_background

Rating: Safe
Score: 32
User: Munkelzahn
Date: September 03, 2014 ambiguous_gender emboar feral feralized fire nintendo pokémon solo video_games zen-fehr

Rating: Safe
Score: 2
User: slyroon
Date: December 18, 2014 2010 ambiguous_gender avian beak bird button_(fastener) cape clothed clothing cosplay darkwing_duck disney duck eyewear feral feralized floating hat hero mallard mask mike_mitchell monocle parody reflection solo water what

Rating: Safe
Score: 32
User: Acolyte
Date: April 07, 2013

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