General: female

Characters who appear to be visually female, with no conflicting features. The feminine features can range from blatantly obvious (pussy, breasts) to subtle (eyelashes, body shape).

Although most non-feral females have breasts, lack of breasts does not automatically disqualify the character from being tagged as a female. This is especially true for non-mammalian species, such as birds and scalies.

As per the 'tag what you see' rule, even if the character is known to be intersex, they should still be tagged as female if their male anatomy (penis, balls, sheath, bulge, etc) is not visible within the picture itself.

If the character has female genitalia and/or characteristics but also visible male genitalia, they should be tagged as intersex (herm, cuntboy, or dickgirl) instead of female.

If there's a mix of conflicting features but the character isn't clearly intersex, then ambiguous_gender is usually most applicable.

2016 anthro blue_background buckteeth clothing disney female fur grey_fur hand_behind_head hi_res judy_hopps lagomorph long_ears looking_at_viewer mammal purple_eyes rabbit simple_background smile solo teeth verulence zootopia

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Date: March 26, 2016

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