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Artists! If you are the artist/copyright holder of art on this site and you want it removed, go here instead of flagging it for deletion.

How to Flag For Deletion

1. Click "flag for deletion" on a post page.
2. Select the appropriate reason from the list. If you are linking to another post (as in the event of a repost), please make sure you get the post number correct!
 - If there are multiple fitting options pick the uppermost, correct option.
3. Press the OK button.
4. The post then gets sent to the moderation queue as flagged for deletion, where the post you flagged and the reason you flagged it for are added to the list of posts to be reviewed by the moderators of the site. It is also given a red border in post index searches, which means it is currently flagged for deletion.
5. The post is either deleted or approved (or reapproved, if the post has been approved before) by a moderator.

Please Note:

  • Things you flag, even with a valid reason, will not always get removed.
  • If a post has been flagged for deletion or even deleted, do not strip its tags. This is never acceptable, and is tag vandalism which will result in disciplinary action.
  • Do not flag images for deletion for an unfitting reason! If the reason you want something deleted for is not on the list then DO NOT flag it!

Use your blacklist if you do not want to see certain types of content!

Lastly, as a courtesy to the mods and other users around you, please use the parenting system to link variants/duplicate posts together. The proper technique is to parent the image you are flagging for deletion if there is already a better or inferior version of the post on e621. We ask this because if the image you flagged gets deleted, then one, it's easier to access the better version if someone was already looking at the deleted version; and two, everyone who added the version that got deleted to their favorites list is automatically transferred to the the newer version so it stays in their faves list. Thank you. More information on how to do this can be found here.

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