General: cuntboy

Warning: Please read howto:tag genders before trying to make any change with this tag. (Many users got in trouble for violating TWYS rule.)

An intersex character with a masculine body type, a pussy instead of a penis, and no breasts. Masculine characteristics may include wide shoulders, narrow hips, musculature, jaw line, facial hair, etc.

Following the 'tag what you see' rule, a visible pussy or camel toe is required for tagging. Likewise, it should never be tagged on Safe posts. A character who is known to be a cuntboy but whose differing genitals are not visible should be tagged as male instead.

  • Although breasts exclude tagging cuntboy, a lack of breasts in and of itself is not a reliable indicator. This is especially true for feral characters as well as certain anthro species (e.g., charr) which are frequently drawn without breasts.
  • Pre-op trans men, aka Female-to-Male transgender, should still be tagged as cuntboy.
Note about tagging charr characters with cuntboy: forum #172539 (Sep. 2015)

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