Species: charr

Felinoid race from the Guild Wars universe. Their Culture is based on the Mongols and the Roman Empire.

Characterized by their four ears and horns. Females are canonically flat-chested (not that it stops artists), implied by a designer to have six teats; they can be identified by slightly slighter builds and faces, different horn shapes and fluffier tails.

Note about tagging charr characters with cuntboy: forum #172539 (Sep. 2015)
▼ Detailed physical characteristics:

Charr female (canon image)

  • Flat chest
  • Musculature varies from slender and masculine to toned and feminine
  • Fluffy tail, like a cat or leopard
  • Smaller muzzle and horns
  • Variable horn shape (curved back, curved forward, etc.)
  • Curved eyes and (implied) eyebrows


Charr male (canon image)

2015 abs anthro armpit_hair beach beard charr claws clothed clothing eyes_closed facial_hair feline fur guild_wars hair horn lying male mammal on_back outside pawpads raised_arm sand seaside sleeping snowskau solo spots swimsuit topless video_games water yellow_fur

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Score: 23
User: Balaunde
Date: July 21, 2015

  • Flat chest
  • More musculature than female charr, thicker arms, wider shoulders (usually)
  • Larger muzzle, thicker horns
  • Variable horn shape (curved back, curved forward, etc.)
  • Flatter eyes and (implied) eyebrows
  • Non-fluffy tail except for a poof at the end, like a lion

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Notable Charr:

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