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2016 4_fingers anthro apple banana beach belly_scales bikini biped blue_bottomwear blue_clothing blue_topwear bone_frill bowl breasts ceratopsian clothing cloud countershade_tail countershade_torso countershading deaglen depth_of_field digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) dinosaur female fingerless_(marking) food freckles frill front_view fruit grapes green_eyes green_tail green_tongue half-length_portrait head_frill holding_food holding_object horn humanoid_hands lens_flare long_tail looking_at_viewer mango_(fruit) markings midriff multicolored_scales multicolored_tail non-mammal_breasts open_mouth open_smile orange_scales orange_tail outside pear portrait red_markings red_scales red_tail sand scales scalie sea seaside skirt sky slightly_chubby small_breasts smile solo spotted_scales spotted_tail standing swimsuit tan_countershading tan_scales tan_tail thick_tail triceratops voluptuous water white_horn

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Ceratopsians are herbivorous, beaked Ornithischian dinosaurs of the suborder Ceratopsia. They are a visually distinctive group of dinosaurs, sharing armored and often spiked heads, usually having elaborate bony head frills and often having long facial horns. These frills have been speculated to function as a defense mechanism, protecting their vulnerable necks. However they may have also been used in regulating body temperature or even as a form of visual display.

By far the most well known Ceratopsian in popular media is the Triceratops.


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