General: bulge


When a character's penis and/or balls are not directly visible but their outline can be seen through clothing. This may be because the clothing is particularly tight, but more often the genitalia is just too damn large, or when the penis has an erection_under_clothes.

This tag has nothing to do with tags such as abdominal_bulge, intestinal_bulge, pectoral_bulge and a variety of other tags which describe a similar bulge, albeit visible through a character's body rather than clothes.

See also:

  • bulge_frottage - Frottage through the barrier of clothes.
  • tenting - When an erection is causing cloth to "tent".
  • poking_out - When a penis or balls are only partially clothed by underwear (usually also tagged with bulge if e.g. the balls make one).
    • penis_through_fly - When a penis is poking through the hole found in certain types of underwear or pants.
  • poking_out - When the base of the penis is visible above the waistline.
  • penis_outline - When the shape of the penis is clearly defined, rather than being an amorphous lump.
  • camel_toe - The pussy version of bulge.
  • nipple_bulge - When the nipple outline can be seen through clothing.

The following tags are aliased to this tag: underwear_bulge, bulges, crotch_bulge, penis_bulge, buldge

The following tags are implicated to this tag: big_bulge, penis_outline, hyper_bulge

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