General: anthrofied

A feral character, or character that typically walks on all fours, but is now rendered closer to human. Changes may include:

  • Erect posture (standing on two legs)
  • Humanoid breasts
  • Hands (or feet) in place of hooves, paws, and wings (or talons)

! 2015 anthro anthrofied applejack_(mlp) being_watched blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bread breasts chair cleavage clothed clothing creamygravy croissant digital_media_(artwork) duo_focus earth_pony egg equine eye_contact eyeshadow female feral food freckles friendship_is_magic green_eyes group hair hi_res holding_food holding_object horn horse inside long_hair makeup mammal milkshake my_little_pony neckerchief orange_skin plate pony purple_hair raised_leg rarity_(mlp) rollerskates sausage sitting skating smile straw unicorn white_skin

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Score: 20
User: lemongrab
Date: February 04, 2015 anthro anthrofied black_background brown_eyes disney feline gunzcon lion looking_at_viewer male mammal mane nude simba simple_background sitting solo the_lion_king yellow_body

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Date: November 29, 2012

Anthrofying anthro characters:

Characters that are normally already considered anthro may still be included, but only if they are drawn in a manner that's considerably more human-like (still) than usual. Think overall body proportions (this is especially noticeable for characters with a chibi-like build) as well as things like gaining plantigrade feet instead of digitigrade, human hands instead of paws, wearing clothing...

Where exactly to draw the line for each character may be a bit subjective and based on intuition, as well as how humanoid they already appear in basic form, but perhaps these examples will help you get the general idea:

2013 absurd_res aged_up anthro anthrofied blush cellphone clothing dragon earbuds eyewear food friendship_is_magic fruit girly glasses green_eyes headphones hi_res hoodie looking_at_viewer male my_little_pony pear phone public_transportation scalie sitting slit_pupils solo spike_(mlp) train v-d-k vehicle window

Rating: Safe
Score: 6
User: 2DUK
Date: December 23, 2013


Note that all of this only goes for actual copyrighted (franchise) characters, not your regular anthropomorphic furry. They should just be tagged anthro.

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