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abs animal_head armor athletic baldric belt biceps big_muscles black_nose brown_fur bulge clothed clothing feline for_a_head front_view fur guin guin_saga human hybrid leopard loincloth looking_at_viewer male mammal muscular muscular_male nipples pecs pose simple_background solo standing tan_fur topless unknown_artist whiskers white_background white_fur yellow_eyes

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Date: July 27, 2013 abs animal_head anthro armlet avian beak blue_feathers blue_hair deity detailed egyptian egyptian_mythology feathers hair heather_bruton hieroglyphics holding_object ibis jewelry low_res male necklace nipples nude scroll solo tan_skin thoth

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Date: August 30, 2012

Characters who have fully animal-like heads, but humanoid torsos. This includes classic non-furrified depictions of Egyptian deities such as Anubis and Horus.

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