General: airplane crash

An accident that involves superficial to complete destruction of the aircraft. Whether it is an airborne collision, underwater submergence or terrestrial impact, the implied death toll can be classified as war casualties that are tragic for the late pilot's immediate family; shockingly sorrowful stories as a consequence of a loss of civilian life because of an onboard malfunction or an incomprehensible twist of fate that doesn't necessarily count as a scandal; or a strange synthesis of both situations with variation of a singular or multiple losses. Sometimes the crash incident can lead up to an international scandal involving two or more nations whose tensions rise as a result of a human error that results in the loss of a life which is detrimental on its own to the pilot's nation, or the resulting capture of the downed pilot which delves into corporate espionage and politics. Bridge of Spies (2015) comes to mind which can give an in-depth rundown of a real life fiasco with a setting where the Berlin Wall still standed, and the FSU had not yet been formally disbanded.

With the case of unmanned aircraft, drones fit into this category.

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