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(dot-hack); A game, anime, novel, manga, and whatever franchise centering around an MMO virtual world fantasy RPG called "The World".

Most follow a '.hack//' naming convention.

The game series began with a quadrilogy of games released over the span of a year - .hack//INFECTION, .hack//MUTATION, .hack//OUTBREAK, and .hack//QUARANTINE - which focus on the characters Kite and BlackRose.
The games continued with .hack//G.U. in 2004, with three 'discs' this time - Rebirth, Reminisce, and Redemption.

Notable furry races within "The World" are the Ya Tribe, Lei Tribe, and Tu Tribe beasts from .hack//G.U. They resemble anthropomorphic animals, being bulky, slim, and stout, respectively.

Two notable characters, Hermit and Mia, do not have a set 'race' but appear as anthropomorphic cats.

The following tags are implicated to this tag: ouka_(character)

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