Unique Facial Expression by Ms_Zexiara
Short Name: uniquefacialexpression
Created: 1 month ago | Updated: 2 hours ago

Do you ever get tired of the same ahegao/getting-fucked-real-good/fucked-silly face?

Well, probably not (since it's really hot),

but you gotta admit, it does get repetitive and unoriginal after a while doesn't it?

That same 'ol "YES-FUCK-ME-HARD-DADDY" face...

Well that's why I'm creating this set, a set of that involves facial expressions that will catch your attention better than the typical "UNGHF-YEEAAAH-I'M-GUNNNA-CUUUUUM" face. :3

As an animator myself, I'm going to use this set to my advantage, to make my animation look better, give my characters life, and possibly get a job at Disney.


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