Dialouge and Clever Action by Ms_Zexiara
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Do you know what makes a sexy image even better? A good quote.

A good dialogue doesn't only build a feeling or personality for the character and their situation, but it also engages the viewer somewhat, especially when the action is directed towards him/her.

Nuzzo is some of the best examples of this (don't tell him but I plan to overcum him one day).

You see,

my problem is that I was born in Africa.

I don't know the English language as well, even though I'm obviously able to type it with flying colors.

But what I REALLY don't know about the English language is how to manipulate it to entertain or grab the attention of a person of interest.

Let's Observe My Current Writing Skills:

"Look, honeyboy. We’re like marshmallows and hot chocolate. You’re hot, and I want you on top of me."



I'm not alone on this; a lot of people don't know how to speak or write with such persuasion. We weren't born as professional writers.

But that's why this set is here, so I can have a "cheat sheet" for brainstorming and creating sexy dialogue and sexy gestures to apply to my images and posters, if not full movies.

(wait wtf? did I just write an essay on a furry porn site? shouldn't I be animating right now?)

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