Perfect Angle by Ms_Zexiara
Short Name: perfectangle
Created: 3 months ago | Updated: 15 hours ago

Sometimes, it's not the pose, form, or look of the body that makes the picture breathtaking, but rather the perspective angle the pic was drawn in.

For example,the character could just be casually walking, but the camera catches an incredible upskirt.

So think: Is the camera cropped/tilted in such a way or placed at such an angle that it catches the body/background quite well?

Put it here so Zexiara can mooch and study off of it, then pass it off as her own. Well... not really. She does her best to credit all the sources she uses, especially since she herself is not a really good artist, and somewhat depends on the creations of other yiff artists to feed her movies.

(wait. i'm Zexi... why the hell am I exposing myself like this?!)

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