Casual Lewdity by Ms_Zexiara
Short Name: casuallewdity
Created: 3 months ago | Updated: 12 hours ago

Introducing a concept I like to call: CASUAL LEWDITY.

"Casual lewdity" is when nudity or sex is applied to safe-for-work scenarios and normal cartoon-y characters, as if seeing big dicks fuckin' or big tits revealin' isn’t at all a big deal, and no one would care if it went up on Nick JR.

It’s probably my greatest fetish, other than frotteurism and big butt fucking, and you’ll see it in my movies a lot. (once I start uploading them that is.) Chances are it’s your fetish too, since these pictures are enjoyed by many.

Casual lewdity works best when the characters don’t originally have the ideal sexual body (curvy tits, firm penis, etc.), such as a child, an out of shape mother, a small pokemon, a preist, a robot (such as Orisa), a nostalgic cartoon character, or an inanimate object (tennis racket, strawberry, etc.)

Whether it be fixing a car, brushing your teeth, a kid walking in the park, or Godzilla attacking, applying lewd sex without the characters taking it as hot, IS hot!

Best examples:

It’s hard to truly define this term, so take a look into the set and see what I mean.

Update: After using this set for some time, I realize that the pictures in this set are simply just "lewd".
I feel stupid now

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