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As of now...

-Twilight Sparkle: "Don't take this an opportunity for any funny stuff."
Bi-curious/Incest, likes to cuddle, Shining Armor's concubine

-Rainbow Dash: "We should totally bang. Simple as that."
Lesbian, likes it rough, Applejack's marefriend

-Pinkie Pie: "Whoooo's ready to PARTY?!"
EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE/Incest, utter sex maniac, opportunistic

-Rarity: "Is this not this simply divine?"
Bisexual, likes sex in liquid, dating a freaking Hydra

-Applejack: "Dashie, can we NOT talk about me and my brother now?"
Lesbian/Incest, dominating to Dash, submissive to Big Mac

-Fluttershy: " lewd..."
Straight, loves bestiality, chaste on outside

-Flutterbat: "Alright. BEND OVER."
Bisexual, separate now, annoys Applejack to no end

-Spike: "Please...fuck me..."
Gay, likes bondage, ridiculously submissive

-Barb: "Great. I sound like my pal, now"
Straight, likes to cuddle, reluctantly submissive

-Night Glider: "This is what freedom feels like, huh?"
Straight, dresses for sex, fighting Starlight Glimmer

-Sugar Belle: "Finally! A golden opportunity!"
Straight, sex and food, likes it up the flank

-Party Favor: "Why don't you fill ME up this time?"
Gay, a master of creating condoms, loves Double Diamond

-Saffron Masala: "Not like you'll find something like this anywhere."
Bisexual, loves to belly-dance, occasionally joins harems

-Double Diamond: "This is beyond totes, bro!"
Gay, totally radical, loves Party Favor

-Gilda: "Let's see what you've got."
Bi-Curious, sleeps around with girls, Dash's fuck-buddy

-Little Strongheart: "I carry this tribe's burden on my shoulders."
Asexual, very religious, chaste

-Starlight Glimmer: "All mares are equally worthless."
Futa-Bisexual, utterly depraved, loves being in control

-Shining Armor: "Of course I like Twi...sigh. Yes. Even like that."
Straight/Incest, sought out by mares and stallions alike, Twilight's second male interest

-Gleaming Shield: "I feel so good..."
Bisexual, likes bondage, obsessed with cock

-Big Macintosh: "Eeeenope."
Bisexual, largest cock of all, loves Zecora

-Macareina: "Sis! What's happening to me?!"
Bisexual, largest pussy of them all, even more shy than Fluttershy

-Thunderlane: "I wasn't asleep! I swear!"
Straight, hidden badass, mare magnet


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