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Short Name: trickytagscharactercount
Created: 8 months ago | Updated: 3 months ago

For posts that I don't know how to tag with regards to the character counting. Usually caused by some weirdness with the scene setup.

This is pretty much a catch all category for images that need tagging for character counts and image setups.

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set #8632: Is that a character? Insects, dead people, birds.
set #8633: Is that onscreen? Smoke and mirrors, vore bulges, camera feeds.
set #8631: Multiple heads, severed heads, and fusion.
set #8666: Penises that could be either faceless or disembodied.
set #8711: Clones, mirror selves, and alternate reality selves. Mostly paranoia on my part.
set #8634: What's that format? multiple_images? sketch_page? cutaway? What?
set #9551: But they're not in the same panel! How do you count characters in comics?

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