e926 2015 alpha_channel animated anthro brown_fur cartoon_network cute eyes_closed featureless_crotch full-length_portrait fur headphones kick mammal music_player musical_note nude open_mouth portrait procyonid raccoon regular_show rigby_(regular_show) simple_background sitting smile solo striped_tail stripes tailwag teeth tongue transparent_background xiamtheferret

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rigby is listing to some music


Summer time lovin in the summer time.


This is so fucking adorable:3


He's listening to "summer time!" 🎶Summer time!! Yeah-hahaha!!! Lovin' in the summer time!!!🎶


Okay, this is cute as fuck.


fan art > shows art style in terms of cuteness

:/ if only i could set this as my wallpaper... but windows 7 only lets you use videos and you have to go through a bunch of hoops to do that...and friggin VLC Media Player STILL does it better! stupid windows...