e926 2009 2010_winter_olympics absolutely_everyone alien anthro big_eyes big_head black_eyes black_fur blue_eyes blue_fur bobsled bone_(artist) bowser brown_eyes canine captain_falcon charizard cloud crossover curling curling_stone diddy_kong donkey_kong_(character) donkey_kong_(series) dragon earthbound_(series) eyes_closed f-zero falco_lombardi female fire_emblem fox fox_mccloud fur game_and_watch ganondorf green_eyes green_yoshi grey_eyes group hedgehog human humanoid ice_climber ice_skates ice_skating ike_(fire_emblem) ivysaur jigglypuff kid_icarus king_dedede kirby kirby_(series) konami koopa link lucario lucas_(earthbound) luigi male mammal mario mario_bros marth membranous_wings meta_knight metal_gear metroid mr._game_and_watch nana ness nintendo olimar olympics orange_eyes pikachu pikmin pikmin_(species) pit_(kid_icarus) pokémon pokémon_(species) popo princess princess_peach princess_zelda r.o.b red_eyes red_pikmin rodent royalty samus_aran scalie skeleton_(sport) ski skiing snowboard snowboarding solid_snake sonic_(series) sonic_the_hedgehog star_fox super_smash_bros the_legend_of_zelda toon_link toony video_games waddling_head wario wings wolf_o'donnell yellow_eyes yellow_fur yellow_pikmin yoshi yoshi_(character)

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which stage was this? i forgot because there are too many awesome stages

yotsuba404 said:
which stage was this? i forgot because there are too many awesome stages

It appears to be a skiing/sledding/snowboarding course. There's no level like that in any Smash Bros. game that I know of.

I think it's Peak or Summit or something like that, it's the Ice Climber stage, the one with the bad ass Japanese rock song.

You're constantly on top of a mountain peak on that stage. It starts out at the top of said mountain, breaks off and slides down, then floats in the water as an iceberg. Said mountain peak is distinctly missing in this picture, this is just a linear winter sports track.

Do not forget that the stage isnt only on brawl, its on melee also, Kirby has that power in the n64 game, there is a snowboard game with peach mario and luigi as sub characters on gamecube. Plus the oncoming game for wii of a sports mix of mario characters. So there are other games then just brawl with various themes of snow-sports

Snake in his cardboard box!

AND THE WINNER IS...........................................

I enjoy how kirby is in on of the many often forgotten forms from kirby 64. I think this is cutter & ice? Aside from that, I give this pic 9/10. 1 point missing because I don't have a poster of it.