e926 2014 5_fingers abstract_background anthro book brown_fur brown_hair canine classy clothed clothing dress_shirt eyewear fedora feralise fox front_view fully_clothed fur gentleman glasses green_eyes hair hat holding_book holding_object humanoid_hands inner_ear_fluff looking_at_viewer male mammal mouth_hold necktie orange_fur pants pen pince-nez portrait shirt short_hair signature solo standing suit three-quarter_portrait waistcoat white_fur

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4 years ago
2016 <3 ambiguous_gender anthro blonde_hair blush brown_hair cat clothed clothing covering cute english_text feline hair hands_behind_back humor lol_comments looking_at_viewer mammal multicolored_hair open_mouth pants powfooo powfooo_(character) reaction_image shirt shocked simple_background solo sweat tears text two_tone_hair white_background wide_eyed

Rating: Safe
Score: 170
User: Jugofthat
Date: June 04, 2016

I get the distinct sense of something intensifying, can't quite put my finger on it...


So much class

TheClassyDoge said:
So much class

I'm going to put this as bluntly as possible.

Everybody is laughing at you.


Oh yes quite mmhmmhmm *smokes pipe*

Movebitchimmafox said:
Oh yes quite mmhmmhmm *smokes pipe*

Put pipeweed in pipe

This would be useable in an 1930's rp or maybe old west, but fuck i feel bad if anyone used this in any other rp

Very nice work
Very refreshing to see cloths on.

The 1950's where a furry put on a suit and tie just to masturbate.