Heavy snowfall in the Kalos region
Snowbelle City
Urgent News Report
Being with my lover in the snow like this immerses me in a special feeling. I like it.
e926 </3 abomasnow ambiguous_gender anger_vein anthro blush covering female gallade group holding_object holding_umbrella humanoid japanese_text jealous kemono legendary_pokémon male mammal mega_evolution mega_gardevoir mega_mewtwo mega_mewtwo_x meme mew microphone newtop nintendo outside pokémon pokémon_(species) romantic_couple shiny_pokémon snow snowing special_feeling tears text translated umbrella video_games

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lol at mew and gallade xD

3 years ago
anthro clothing female furgonomics futuristic reptile scalie snake solo spacesuit tail_clothing thick_tail tongue tongue_out vader-san

Rating: Safe
Score: 96
User: ippiki_ookami
Date: March 27, 2015

The psychic umbrella is a nice touch.


anonymous_987 said:
lol at mew and gallade xD

Clearly, they need to hook up.