e926 16:10 2013 absurd_res antlers applejack_(mlp) beavernator blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_feathers blue_fur changeling costume detailed_background discord_(mlp) draconequus earth_pony equine eye_mist eyeshadow fangs feathered_wings feathers female feral fluttershy_(mlp) forest friendship_is_magic fur green_eyes group hair halloween hi_res holidays horn horse king_sombra_(mlp) makeup male mammal multicolored_hair my_little_pony nightmare_moon_(mlp) outside pink_hair pinkie_pie_(mlp) pony princess_cadance_(mlp) princess_celestia_(mlp) princess_luna_(mlp) purple_eyes purple_fur purple_hair queen_chrysalis_(mlp) rainbow_dash_(mlp) rainbow_hair rarity_(mlp) red_eyes sculpture slit_pupils statue tree twilight_sparkle_(mlp) two_tone_hair unicorn winged_unicorn wings

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Friendship is Majora's Mask




The Real Mane6

Mind = Blow

they're wearing the mane6 costumes for nightmare night


where are there cutie marks?

Why does Sombra Dash make so much sense? .-.

darknessRising said:

I believe the below post answers your confusion since thats my guess as well

Erlvyn said:
they're wearing the mane6 costumes for nightmare night


Of course discord is pinkie

For a while all I could come up with is "I don't" but after seeing that one comment, everything made much more sense. Dollars even