e926 ambiguous_gender black_nose canine close-up creepy dark disney dog feral looking_at_viewer mammal nightmare_fuel noise otsukisan pluto_(disney) reaction_image solo tongue tongue_out yellow_body

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Tryin to fap pruto plz


Don't you tell them what we did.


kohne said:
Tryin to fap pruto plz

xD Ahahaha that made me laugh

5 years ago
ambiguous_gender animated cat cute dancing eyewear feline fur gangnam_style grey_fur humor low_res mammal pusheen pusheen_corp solo sunglasses waving

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Score: 62
User: Peekaboo
Date: December 31, 2013

If I saw that through a crack in my door i would slam my door shut, lock it, double lock my window and keep the lights on all night.


furries with pets is a creepy concept


He saw what you did there.

redweasel said:
Humans with pets is a creepy concept



Why I keep a gun on my bedside table every night without fail.


Isn't that the dog from Windows XP's Search Tool?


Is it only me who sees a shy guy instead of pluto?


I don't get it but ...... Ok!


Heeeeeeeres Pluto!

From the thumbnail I used to think it was a picture of Shygal.

As much as I want to see Pluto, I can't stop seeing a Shy Guy instead.

I thought that was yellow shy guy.

Did you say "walk"??

Albin0EverGreen said:
Is it only me who sees a shy guy instead of pluto?

Your not alone