e926 black_scales dragon female icon looking_at_viewer low_res narse open_mouth pattern_background portrait purple_eyes purple_tongue scales scalie sharp_teeth simple_background slit_pupils solo teeth varka

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Wow, this hasn't been uploaded yet?

4 years ago
abstract_background derp_eyes ear_piercing english_text fur green_eyes green_hair grey_fur hair inoby jewelry lagomorph male mammal necklace open_mouth piercing rabbit seffy shaded simple_background smile solo teeth text tongue tongue_piercing

Rating: Safe
Score: 19
User: Jatix
Date: March 10, 2014

Shining_Armor said:
Wow, this hasn't been uploaded yet?

yes it has; it's right there. doi...
semantics nazi, pragmatics nazi or grammar nazi? redeem yourself!


I like it.


Varka, undoubtably the best Adult store owner out there.


Not to question Varka or anything but shouldnt this betagged as ambiguous?


What a sexy, sexy beast.


ok i seach varka_(character). one result. search just the artist and i get a mojority of characters that EXACTLY LIKE HIM/HER.

lagreskul said:
Hmm I wonder why the look exactly like Varka's character after you serached for Varka... -_-

I'm not an idiot, it's just that I would expect some sense to be made when Varka's character is involved, and that the tag Varka_(character) would be put in.

Every time I see anything related to varka, all I can think about is that video of him taking the entire xl sleipnir. Impressive shit, just look at the thing.

I want to advertise on this site.