e926 ambiguous_gender avian beak bird digital_media_(artwork) falvie feathered_wings feathers feral flamingo gradient_background knife looking_at_viewer nightmare_fuel pink_feathers reflection shiny simple_background solo weapon what wings yellow_eyes

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oh gawd, its gonna kill us!


Flamingo: "i cut chu..."

ippiki ookami
Former Staff
6 years ago
2006 abstract_background ambiguous_gender beige_skin blank_stare blue_eyes border brown_fur brown_markings cat chemicalalia circle clothing digital_media_(artwork) dotted_background english_text eyefuck feet feline feral fluffy fluffy_tail footwear frosted_butts full-length_portrait fur high_heels human humanoid_feet humor hybrid lol_comments looking_away mammal markings multicolored_fur pattern_background plantigrade portrait quadruped shoes side_view simple_background solo standing tan_fur text two_tone_fur what where_is_your_god_now white_fur

Rating: Safe
Score: 114
User: msc
Date: April 30, 2007

Mistress_Snowtail said:
Flamingo: "i cut chu..."

and will look damn fabulous doing so


How can he hold the damn knive? Glue?

so scary @_@

vares said:
How can he hold the damn knive? Glue?

Reality is in that direction over there, dear sir.


The flesh of fallen angels...

Mrbyakko said:
The flesh of fallen angels...

God I thought I could forget...
The loneliness, then all out of nowhere an empty room with a TV with the Pink Flamingo on it, talking in the creepiest voice...

no...not you again...please go away...go awaayy!!

Mrbyakko and Nehmen, you two just win.

Look at 1:12 and tell me it's not the same bird...just better.

5 years ago

oooooo skyforge steel sharp sharp makes good for eazy STABBING!~cicero me: god dam you are fucking creepy cicero. cicero: what? singing. in the void. me:ok thats it wabbajack! it's not like he can become any worse right. holy shit! WHAT HAS MAGIC DONE!!!


HA-HA, I see he's been taking lessons from Mick Taylor...
http://villains.wikia.com/wiki/Mick_Taylor If you wanna know who Mick Taylor is...

He's staring into your soul like DEATH....


Mess with flamingo.

You will die single.

Avatar! Yaay!

You got a knife i got a...
*looks for a handgun*
*runs away*