e926 2018 anthro black_shirt blue_background bust_(disambiguation) canine chest_tuft chitafokkusu clothing digital_media_(artwork) fox fur gamer hair half-closed_eyes headphones headshot_portrait inner_ear_fluff long_hair looking_at_viewer male mammal portrait red_eyes red_fur red_panda renaissance_vulpine_(character) simple_background smile solo tuft white_hair

▼ Description

I made this icon of my boyfriend fursona for his twitch channel he starting out. If you like, check him
out https://www.twitch.tv/renaissancevulpine
Also I don't have a computer of my own yet so I'm going to be using postybirb to help me. Hopefully with me starting my commissions back up I'll be able to get one soon. More info on my commissions later, for now enjoy the art!

Art drawn by me
Art and Character belongs to Renaissance Vulpine

http://www.postybirb.com (Posted using PostyBirb)

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