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Ignatiy sat by the table next to the window and took a look outside. It was snowing again. Snow petals swirled around in the air, pushed around by the wind, which's muffled howl was the only sound - besides the clock ticking on the fireplace - interrupting overwhelming silence of dawn of another day over his and Masha's refuge.
He opened his notebook, took a pen out of his pocket and started to write.
6 январь (January 6th), понедельник (Monday) 2034 год (year 2034).
Today Masha had another nightmare. She was screaming, calling her mother and father. I had to wake her up and comfort her for an hour before she fell asleep again. After that I got out of bed, turned on the HAM radio and began playing pre-recorded message I recorded when we first got here (1,5 year ago). Still, we had no friendly response. Only those fuckers from God knows where come here from time to time and try to kill us. So far we managed to defend ourselves. For how long? I can not really tell.
He paused his scribbling for a moment and looked through the window again. It was still quite dark outside - and as a result, inside - but he didn't mind. He was always seeing well in the dark, and those eyeball augments he got before... all that happened only helped him in that regard.
Yesterday, we finally managed to finish the storage room and pantry under the floor. If need arises, we may be able to hide in there and wait until the threat blows over. Masha even carved small flowers in the beams. Personally, I find that adorable. We moved our supplies there as soon as we finished putting the last beam in the hole. All that's left to do is dig a tunnel leading somewhere away from here so if worst case scenario happens, we can escape safely. Other than that, I think we are relatively safe here with wall we built and traps we've set around the house.
List of supplies:
30kg of dried venison, 5kg of dried mushrooms, 20kg of dried rabbit meat, 10kg of dried boar meat, 2&1/2kg of various herbs, 5 boxes of .308 bullets (20 bullets/box), 20 boxes of 12.7×108mm bullets (15 bullets/box), 15 boxes of 7.62×39mm bullets (30 bullets/box), 5 boxes of .20 gauge buckshot shells (12 shells/box), 4 boxes of .20 & .12 gauge buckshot shells (12&15 shells/box), 1 incomplete box of .12 gauge buckshot shells (7 shells), 2 boxes of 9mm bullets (20 bullets/box). 1 MTs255 rifle, 1 Mosin–Nagant M91/30 PU rifle, 2 AK-21 automatic rifles, 2 Makarov pistols, 1 Kord Heavy Machine gun. 2 sets of cylinders for MTs255 rifle (for .12 gauge and 20. gauge shells).
Iganity closed the notebook and took another look outside. It was still snowing. Sun was slowly rising, and with it, the world outside became brighter and brighter.

Artwork by Ratte. Storybit by me (character owner and e621 uploader)
Ignatiy Aleksandrovich Kondratiev is a member of 1st Earth Realm Protection Unit. Here he is shown years before forming of the unit.

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