e926 2018 4_fingers 4_toes akineza amazing_background ankle_tuft anthro anthro_on_anthro bed bedding biped black_clothing black_fur blanket blue_eyes butt_fluff claws clothed clothing cuddling cushion detailed detailed_background digital_media_(artwork) digital_painting_(artwork) digitigrade dipstick_tail duo front_view fur green_eyes grey_clothing grey_fur half-closed_eyes hand_holding hi_res hindpaw inside keel kel kronas_(creeperdragon) larger_male looking_at_partner looking_back lying male male/male mammal mane markings multicolored_tail orange_clothing paws planet purple_clothing realistic relaxing romantic rubber rubber_suit sergal signature size_difference smile snout space space_station spacescape spacesuit spooning starscape tail_tuft tan_fur toe_claws toes tuft vilous_universe window yellow_fur yellow_markings

▼ Description

Kel and Kronas relaxing in orbit. Not all of space travel is glamorous, but some of it sure is.

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