e926 ... 2017 3_toes ? anthro armor black_fur black_nose black_pawpads blue_eyes brown_fur clothed clothing conmanwolf digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) english_text fur gauntlets gloves green_eyes grey_fur group guardians_of_the_galaxy hindpaw infinity_gauntlet infinity_gem iron_man male mammal marvel multicolored_fur open_mouth pawpads paws procyonid raccoon red_eyes rocket_raccoon simple_background starlord teeth text toes tony_stark transformation white_background white_fur

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Realizing that how the Infinity Gauntlet shrunk. xD Btw this fanart is kinda cute. :3 I suppose that everyone needs RR arts! :D

"Sir, it seems like rocket obtained the infinity gauntlet and turned everyone into raccoons..."


Lets be honest. It's better this way.

Still you Rocket its not like you changed your species.

Having the angriest raccoon in the galaxy get the Infinity Gauntlet may not end well for pretty much anybody.


Sesshou said:
Realizing that how the Infinity Gauntlet shrunk.

Given the limitless power, one would think it could grow and shrink to fit the user, kinda like the One Ring. I'm more concerned about where it put the Soul Stone considering Rocket doesn't have enough fingers for all of them. Maybe he's just hiding it where he hid Thor's new eye.

Rabid_Rabbids said:
Lets be honest. It's better this way.

Dr Strange: it was the only way....