e926 <3 ^_^ angry anthro arm_markings blue_background cinna_(qualzar) clenched_teeth countershade_face countershade_tail countershade_torso countershading dragon ear_markings english_text eyebrows eyelashes eyes_closed facial_markings female fingerless_(marking) fur glare hair kae_esrial leg_markings looking_aside looking_at_viewer lying mammal markings membranous_wings multicolored_fur multicolored_scales nude on_front open_mouth pawpads pink_eyes pointing qr_code qualzar red_markings red_scales red_wings scales scalie shocked short_hair simple_background smile smug solo standing surprise tail_markings tan_fur tan_tail tarnuah teeth telegram telegram_stickers text two_tone_fur two_tone_scales two_tone_tail western_dragon white_countershading white_fur white_hair white_pawpads white_scales white_tail wings yellow_eyes

▼ Description

If you don’t want those saucier stickers, I’ve copied the SFW stickers into their own separate pack!

I’ll update it alongside the main pack whenever new stickers get added


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